Jul 10, 2023

Biobest completes acquisition of BioWorks

Acquisition Expands Biopesticide Product Portfolio and Manufacturing Capability in North America.

Biobest, a global leader in biological control and pollination, today announced the completion of the transaction to acquire BioWorks, Inc. a Victor, NY-based manufacturer, and marketer of industry leading biopesticides. The transaction implements the letter of intent signed on May 4th, 2023.

The BioWorks acquisition accelerates Biobest Group’s expansion into biopesticides. BioWorks’ innovative portfolio of biopesticides for disease and insect control as well as its product development, marketing, and logistics expertise are key assets to realize this ambition. With a continued focus on the horticulture and specialty agriculture markets, and now as a member of Biobest Group, BioWorks will continue to expand its range of biopesticide solutions for growers. Biobest Group thus further steps up its contribution to reduce the reliance of growers on synthetic pesticides.

“Biopesticide solutions are a global strategic priority for us, and BioWorks has a strong range of products that growers demand," said Jean-Marc Vandoorne, Biobest’s CEO. "BioWorks will continue to actively service the highly effective distribution channels it has developed over the past 30 years while adding new and unique biopesticides that will expand the range of biocontrol solutions available to growers. BioWorks will continue to operate independently of Biobest’s beneficial insect and pollination business and Biobest’s North American subsidiaries.”

BioWorks’ headquarters will serve as the North American manufacturing and marketing hub for biopesticides for the entire organization. The Victor, NY facility features more than 55,000 square feet and combines office, manufacturing, research and development, and warehouse space serving all of North America. BioWorks also has warehouse and shipping space in Las Vegas, NV that enhances supply capabilities to growers and distributors in western regions of the United States.

Jean-Marc continues: “I am pleased that Bill Foster will continue to lead the organisation as CEO and that the senior management team remains fully dedicated. We value continuity in our M&A strategy and this will be no different with BioWorks.”

“With our growers in mind, this greatly increases our ability to provide more innovative biopesticide solutions across a broad range of geographies,” said Bill Foster, CEO of BioWorks. “We will continue to innovate through research and development while working with our channel partners on strategies that will speed-up our ability to get products to market. We are excited to be part of a global leader in biological control and are confident that we will make a great contribution to deliver on Biobest’s aim to be the preferred partner for biological control of growers across the globe.”

About BioWorks

BioWorks provides biopesticides and tailored recommendations that are part of integrated plant health management programs to growers in the horticulture and specialty agriculture markets.   

BioWorks is a founding member of the Biological Products Industry Alliance (BPIA) and a proud sponsor of the AFE scholarship program, funding the 'BioWorks IPM/Sustainable Practices Scholarship'. For additional information on BioWorks, please visit http://www.bioworksinc.com.