Voracious ladybird against aphids

What is Adalia-System?

  • The biological control agent Adalia bipunctata
  • Known as the two-spotted ladybird  
  • Both larvae and adults are efficient against several aphid species 

What are the benefits of Adalia-System?

  • Biological control of all aphid species at all stages
  • Also efficient against smaller organisms such as spider mites and mite eggs  
  • Can be used at high prey density 

How does biological control with Adalia-System work?

  • Females can lay more than 1,000 eggs, on average about 20 a day
  • Immediately after hatching, the larvae actively search for prey  
  • Mature larvae consume as many or even more aphids than adults, hundreds a day
  • They work faster and more intensively in large aphid colonies
  • The ladybirds are capable of killing an aphid hot spot within 1 week 

In which crops can you introduce Adalia-System?  

  • Public green areas such as avenue trees and parks
  • Tree nursery
  • Soft fruit such as raspberry 

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Packaging: plastic box

Contents: 100 larvae

Carrier: paper strips



Packaging: 30 ml plastic tube

Contents: 100 eggs

Carrier: shredded paper


Local regulations may impose restrictions on the use of this product. Contact your authorities or contact your Biobest consultant.
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