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Leader in biological systems

Opt for sustainability and offer your crops the best care. 

Our natural products are human friendly and ecological:

  • Production of a residue-free and healthy product

  • Healthy work environment

  • Strong reduction of the use of chemical pesticides

Our natural products help you to produce profitable:

  • High yield and quality

  • Solution for pests resistant to chemicals

  • Avoidance of ‘chemical stress” in your crop

Thanks to a wide product range, we can always offer you flexible and complete solutions:

  • Bumblebees
    Pollination in protected and open-field crops

  • Biological control
    A complete selection of beneficials insects and mites, nematodes, biopesticides and products to stimulate beneficials (e.g. NutrimiteTM)

  • Flying Doctors®
    The use of bumblebees for precision delivery of pollen and biopesticides

  • Biobest Greenlab
    Research (including service contracts) on the side effects of agrochemicals on beneficials and bumblebees

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