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Truly international, we work with growers around the world at a local level. With over 2000 employees, we operate an extensive network of subsidiaries and distributors in 70 countries worldwide. 

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What our clients say

Growing Green Ltd (Catrina Nursery)

"Martin is a very knowledgeable and friendly advisor who always does a thorough crop visit and has been a pleasure to work with."



Cascades Canada Ulc

"Always a good service with Dominique and Michel. Thank you both for your kindness and your investment in helping us solve our problems. Great availability on your part and fantastic service Martin Ryan."

Dracaenakwekerij De Plaats

Dracaenakwekerij De Plaats B.V.

"Reliable, solution-oriented and offering more than just product retail."

SmartKAS Ltd

"Great customer service at Biobest Uk, more than happy to recommend them to other growers."



Rogers Plantshop

"Knowledgeable and helpful staff before, during and after the purchase."

Montreal Cannabis Medical Inc

"Thank you Plant Products for all your help. It is very much appreciated."

Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis

JD capital

"Excellent service."



The Urban Arborist

"Our sales rep routinely goes above and beyond to inform and educate us on product lines available and beneficial to our industry. He also makes us feel as though we are important to PlantProducts as a client."

Malua Farm

"Excellent service and technical support."

Braham Produce

"Very helpful service and always willing to go the extra mile to help."

Marc Munters

"Prompt delivery and excellent support."



Dirk Depuydt - Fresita BVBA

"Elien is fantastic."



Wim Stassart-Vandervelpen

"Follow-up by Gaby is super!"



Leplat Vigoureux

"Perfect service and I also appreciate the visits from your professional representative."



Shanghai Julonghemao ltd

"Biobest China is a very professional bumblebee supplier, not only supplying us with premium quality products but also a good service and level of knowledge in managing the beehives during daily operations. We will continue to work successfully together."

Styding Blomster

"Always good at helping to find the right solution."

Oxygreen Botanic Enginering ApS

"We are very satisfied. Delivery via direct pickup in Hvidovre works well, as does an express order when there are forgotten orders or urgent requests."

Badewelt Sinsheim GmbH

"Good quality, deliveries good."

איל נוה

"Your service is excellent."

אדלי מוחמד

"As a farmer, and with the help of Yad Mordechai, we were able to overcome the strongest challenges posed by disease. I have great respect for such a company and appreciate their support."

Meristem LLC

"Helpful and good pricing. "

Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis

Neukom Family Farms

"You are the best! I recommend you all the time to farmer/grower friends."

Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis

A Perfect Cure MT

"Great company. I've had great success with their critters. Thanks all."

Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis

Starla Management Systems

"Beneficial Insectary is always my primary recommendation to any growers and farm managers looking to introduce BCA's and predatory insects to their IPM program."

Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis

Hälsoträdgården Lunden LEV

"Good advice by email."

Mölltorps Utemiljö & Handelsträdgård AB

"Good service, lots of knowledge and willing to attend our information meetings."


"Nothing to add about one of the best auxiliary insect companies."


"100% Recommendation 100% Availability and very good quality without doubt we will continue to work with them."

Domaine du Paysan SENC

"Excellent service."

Petits Fruits Nordiques

"Courteous, competent and efficient staff."



Paysagiste Sm Laval Inc.

"Excellent service, fast and efficient."

Cornerstone Organics

"Always fast service."

The Green Grass Clinic

"Great people to deal with! From the top to the bottom."

Suntastic Hothouse Inc.

"Out of all of the companies I've worked with for organic products, PlantProducts has been the most communicative, as well as the most willing to assist in correcting any issues we've had."



Agricola Primavera Viscaino

"Good service from the technical staff and also superb performance of the hive."

טדי גינון

"Very satisfied with the service."

משק פנלון בע"מ

"Very satisfied with the service and will continue to recommend and use the services."

נהרי אורה

"You are great, well done, offering a good price and excellent service."

דוד בנימין

"Courteous and excellent service."

Mike Mulder - LG Flowers

"Using PATS-C data, we swiftly convened with our advisor upon spotting the initial Tomato looper. Monitoring allowed us to anticipate three weeks ahead, optimizing our defense strategy."



Cees Maen - Lans Tomaten

"With the dashboard I can easily track the first presence and population development of the Tomato looper pest. PATS-C is a solid addition to our scouting program."



Tine Daems - Den Berk

"Two days after Christmas we were warned about an increase of Tomato looper activity. The next day we found nothing, but a week later we noticed a caterpillar infestation - in a spot where we did not expect it. We have decided to act immediately against..."



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