11 ago 2023

Biobest steps up presence in Austria through acquisition of Agrotech Gartenbautechnik Gmbh

Agrotech Gartenbautechnik (“Agrotech”) and Biobest Group N.V. (“Biobest”) today jointly announced the acquisition of Agrotech by Biobest. Agrotech was founded in 1998 and is specialised in the supply of horticultural and crop protection products. The company has served growers in Austria and some neighbouring countries to successfully roll out biocontrol and pollination programmes since 2004, acting as an exclusive distributor of Biobest and providing state of the art technical advice.

The acquisition will allow enhanced access to Biobest’s technical expertise, Biobest Academy, a comprehensive innovative product portfolio including high-tech IPM solutions and R&D collaboration.

Agrotech, specialised in the supply of quality products for the high-tech horticultural vegetable industry, is distributing next to Biobest biological solutions, also fertilizers, cocopeat substrates, crop protection products, vegetable young plants, horticultural equipment, and machinery.

Roman Kölbl, Managing Director of Agrotech, commented: “We are delighted to see the biocontrol industry increase rapidly worldwide. Growers are becoming more experienced with biological crop protection and generally explore all the biocontrol options before applying any agrochemical alternatives. With tailored frequent advice and a preventative (pro-active) approach, growers in Austria are introducing more beneficial organisms year by year. In addition, the increasing availability of biopesticides is helping to ensure the growth of IPM control strategies. Agrotech offers reliable biocontrol advice and fast supply of quality products to growers in Austria. My company has a long-standing collaboration with Biobest, and I am happy to see this relationship strengthened with Biobest now as the sole shareholder.”

Marc Mertens, CSO of Biobest Group NV agreed: “We strongly believe in the growth potential of the Austrian market. Therefore, we have taken this step to acquire Agrotech. With such a longstanding and strong relationship, we will further strengthen our offer and position in Austria. Biobest will increase its support to Agrotech and the Austrian growers to further promote the use of biocontrol crop protection.”

Dirk Aerts, Sales & Market development manager of Biobest Group commented: “I’m excited with this important step in Austria. Agrotech will benefit from the synergies with Biobest and continues to focus on the needs of growers. Agrotech will assist customers in choosing the best solutions, from an integrated portfolio of products and services, to efficiently manage their crops. Our strong position in the market is largely due to the excellent service of Agrotech towards their customers. The company will of course stay a reliable partner for its suppliers.”

Agrotech Gartenbautechnik GmbH (agrotech-gartenbau.at)