02 may 2022

Biobest launches FytoSave® in Finland

Biobest launches FytoSave® in Finland

Following a new collaboration between Biobest Group and FytoFend®, the biofungicide FytoSave® – which triggers plants’ natural defences against powdery mildew and downy mildew – is now available in Finland, with registrations pending in other Scandinavian countries.

“The active substance in FytoSave® is an elicitor,” explains Cindy Callens, Biobest Group Product Manager for Biopesticides. “This elicitor is a patented complex of oligosaccharides of natural origin containing pectin.

“This complex stimulates a number of natural defence reactions in the plant. These strengthen the plant cell wall and stimulate the production of antimicrobial molecules as well as defence proteins - with activity against the pathogen cell wall.”

FytoFend® CEO Raffael Buonatesta says; “when a plant fights a disease, it is a speed race between the pathogen and the plants’ natural defence mechanisms. FytoSave® puts plants in the starting blocks. While not fighting the pathogen directly, it initiates a distress signal - priming and therefore reinforcing the plant’s natural defences. Acting preventatively, it’s vital to spray plants at risk ahead of the pathogen appearing.”    

Unlike chemical fungicides, or the act of burning sulphur, FytoSave® leaves no residue behind in the crop and generates no compatibility issues with beneficials. While eliminating harvest intervals, it is reducing growers’ reliance on chemical fungicides - while helping extend the life of these products.

“Since first registering FytoSave® in 2015 for use in protected vegetable crops in Belgium, we’ve worked on label and geographical extensions,” explains Raffael. “Widely adopted in most European countries, Finland is the first Scandinavian country to gain registration, where we expect it to be of particular interest in cucumber, tomato and berry crops. In Southern Europe, FytoSave® is also widely deployed in table and wine grape cultivations.

“As a global leader in biocontrol and IPM, and with a similar ethos to drive forward sustainable horticulture, Biobest is an ideal partner to market FytoSave® in Scandinavia and, pending further registrations, in the USA, Canada and Mexico in the future.”