16. Jan. 2024

Weather-resistant Multi-Hive benefits from new sustainable packaging

Multi-Hives, produced at our Belgium production site, are the latest product to benefit from our eco- friendly sustainable packaging initiative. Containing three separate bumblebee colonies, the substantial weather-resistant Multi-Hive provides reliable pollination, over a 4-6 week period, in field-grown crops.

“To optimise bumblebee performance, pollination rates and ultimately crop yields, each Multi-Hive is enclosed in a weather resistant outer box,” says Jorden van de Walle, product manager for bumblebees.

“In the past we used expanded polystyrene (EPS), which is neither recyclable or biodegradable. Recently we collaborated with Smurfit Kappa to develop a water and weather resistant cardboard outer. Employing unique Aquastop™ technology, the new environmentally friendly Multi-Hive packaging is fully recyclable.”  

“To put it to the test, we’ve carried out several trials mimicking the wettest and coldest conditions these hives endure out in the field, ranging from flooded Belgian meadows to cold open Finnish fields. I’m delighted to report the new biodegradable packaging passed with flying colours and, importantly, didn’t impact bumblebee flight activity, we even observed slightly better performance.  While being better for the planet, this new eco-friendly packaging will also help growers’ reduce their waste disposal costs.” 

“Expanding our range of innovative, sustainable product packaging is helping Biobest meet its ‘circular use of materials’ goal,” says Jorden. “Reusing, recycling, and utilising more biobased materials is part of our sustainability mission. It is set to play an important role helping us achieve our broader goal – to become carbon neutral.” 

“This new sustainable Multi-Hive perfectly embodies what we strives for everyday: ensuring excellent crop pollination, while minimising environmental impact - that’s Biobest.”