07. März 2022

Successful pollination during cold days thanks to Bee-Coat



Bumblebees are widely used in strawberry crops to boost yields and improve fruit quality. In crop cultivating in tunnels, pollination rates can dip during cooler spring periods. Now, thanks to our Bee-Coat – warm jackets for individual hives –  bumblebees can be kept warmer improving their performance.

Bumblebees remain active

Biobest advisor Gaby Van Kemenade explains: "This jacket fits around the cardboard hive boxes and has an insulating outer coating.

“Protecting the bumblebees from the cold and wet, this warm jacket encourages the pollinators to be more active - helping ensure good pollination levels.

“Easy to fit, the Bee-Coat is compatible with all our standard size boxes - the Standard, Premium, Medium and Turbo Hive. Bee-Coats can be easily removed - when conditions improve - and saved to be reused the following year.”

Various sizes

Biobest offers strawberry growers a wide range of hives containing different numbers of the bumblebee species Bombus terrestris. The grower can adjust the number of hives to the length of the tunnel.

Would you like to know more about the best type of hive to use? Please contact your local Biobest advisor.

For more information about the Bee-Coat, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4NyE6tmgWM