28. Nov. 2022

Bluestim® helps strawberries deal with stress



Bluestim® helps strawberries deal with stress

Soft fruit growers know only too well quality problems often lie in wait in the autumn. Dark days frequently lead to fruit cracking which is why Biobest recommends Bluestim® - the biostimulant that quickly strengthens cell walls and safely guides fruit through stressful periods.

“It is never too late to apply Bluestim®,” explains Biobest Product Manager, Cindy Callens. "Growers can start using it any time, even now.

“Scientific research shows Bluestim® reaches the roots, leaves and fruits within 24 hours.  When applied a couple of days before a stress situation, it has a direct positive effect on the fruits."

Strong cell walls

“Strawberry growers experience fewer cracks, due to the high level of glycine betaine in Bluestim®," Cindy explains. “Occurring naturally in desert plants, it improves water and nutrient transport during periods of osmotic stress.”

“This osmotic regulation of plant cells leads to better calcium absorption and stronger cell walls. The crop can exploit this extra protection at times when it suddenly turns hot or dark."

Reducing cracks

Strawberries from plants treated with Bluestim® develop less cracks and have a longer shelf life thanks to stronger cell walls. With fewer cracks and micro-cracks there are less entry points for pathogens, helping improve fruit quality in the long term.

Best performance

Bluestim® is supplied as a soluble powder and should be sprayed onto the leaves – the recommended dose is 2 kilo per hectare.

To minimize the influence of unexpected stress situations during the entire cultivation, Biobest advises applying every three weeks - starting from flowering.