14 juin 2022

Unique aphid predator Micromus-System wins GreenTech Innovation Award

Micromus-System, Biobest’s unique new biocontrol tool which feeds on all common aphid species found in protected crops, has won the GreenTech Innovation Award for the most revolutionary idea.

“We’re delighted to win this award which recognises the key elements – research, development, and innovation – that are helping future proof the sector and contribute to its sustainability,” says Ines De Craecker, Biobest product manager for beneficial insects. 

“A generalist predator - and the first commercial brown lacewing in Europe - Micromus-System is set to become a cornerstone of aphid control programmes. At a time when the industry is looking to minimise use of chemical crop protection products, our new product will help strengthed biological control programmes for this ubiquitous pest.”

Both Micromus adults and larvae prey on aphids and are set to play a key role in protected vegetables, soft fruits, ornamentals and medicinal cannabis crops.  Highly voracious, this robust predator lives longer, can withstand lower temperatures compared to other natural enemies and survives on little prey, opening up new possibilities in existing control programmes.

“While over 15 different aphid species can be found in protected crops, parasitic controls are often species specific,” explains Ines.  “A robust predator, Micromus feeds on all the commonly found aphid species, even challenging ones for which there is currently no commercial parasitoid available.

Micromus is complementary and compatible with existing solutions.  To optimise control programmes, we recommend growers implement a strategy combining aphid parasitoids with generalist predators - such as Micromus.” 

Micromus-System is supplied in Biobest’s new 100% biodegradable packaging. Designed to ensure the lacewings arrive in the best possible shape to optimise establishment, this new packaging also simplifies waste management - as it can be left in the crop after introduction. 

Ground-breaking sticky trap monitoring system shortlisted

Trap-Eye™, Biobest’s ground-breaking sticky trap monitoring system making IPM scouting automated, accurate, scalable and affordable, was short listed for the GreenTech Concept Award for the most promising new idea. With a patent pending, the system is due to come to the market in 2023.

“While Trap-Eye™ didn’t win the Concept Award, this innovation will help growers understand pest dynamics in the greenhouse in detail, without the need to invest time and money on staff training, manual counting or data entry,” explains Sam Gui, Biobest market development manager for high tech IPM. “This innovative system will work equally well in low-tech plastic tunnels as high-tech glasshouses.”