Bug-Scan Roll


Sticky rolls

Bug-Scan® Roll is actually a roll of a sticky plastic tape. This tape consists of recyclable plastic, provided with glue on both sides. This glue is non-toxic, water-resistant and does not dry out in warm circumstances. To facilitate its handling the sticky rolls are produced with of 2cm borders without glue and a non-sticky part at the beginning. Bug-Scan® Roll is available in yellow and blue; both colors are very attractive to most flying insect pests. The blue one is specially selected for its high selectivity to thrips and low attractiveness to beneficial bugs.

Bug-Scan® Roll is used for monitoring purposes in many protected and open field crops. It can also be applied to create physical barriers at windows and doors to hold in-flying pests, or as perimeter barriers around greenhouses.





Bug-Scan® Roll Yellow

10 cm x 125 m 

 3 rolls / pack

15 cm x 125 m

2 rolls / pack

30 cm x 100 m

1 roll / pack

Bug-Scan® Roll Blue

5 cm x 100 m

5 rolls / pack

10 cm x 125 m

3 rolls / pack

30 cm x 100 m

1 roll / pack