McPhail Trap


A robust plastic trap for monitoring dipterean pests

The McPhail Trap consists of an inverted funnel base and a transparent bell on top. On the upper part and inside the bell a central pheromone dispenser holder is located. The traps are used in combination with pheromone dispensers and a soap water solution. Insects enter the trap through a hole in the inverted funnel base in response to the pheromone that hangs inside at the top of the bell. Once inside the trap, insects remain held by the pheromone and by the light entering through the clear top. When exhausted they fall into the soap water solution contained in the inverted funnel base where they drown.


The McPhail Trap is delivered as separate parts to be essemble by yourself:

  • transparant bell

  • pheromone dispenser holder

  • yellow inverted funnel base

  • suspension wire