Fast and accurate pest monitoring, this solar powered system automatically takes pictures of yellow sticky traps to standardise, identify and count flying insects. 

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Trap-Eye™ - fast, accurate, fully automated sticky trap monitoring system

Reduces labour and generates heat map & graphs of insect trends in the greenhouse

  • Saves time and labour – reduces physical scouting and administration
  • Improves pest identification and count accuracy - multiple pest and beneficial insects monitored simultaneously
  • Standardises pest counts – enables improved interpretation of pest dynamics and IPM decisions
  • Generates full greenhouse overview – web-based dashboard can be viewed anywhere at anytime
  • Monitors common pests – whitefly, Tuta absoluta, thrips and leaf miner
  • Monitors mirid bugsMacrolophus pygmaeus and Nesidiocoris tenuis 
  • Easy to install – magnets attach solar powered units to greenhouse posts

How Trap-Eye™ works  

  • Trap-Eye™ devices take pictures of individual sticky traps
  • Trap-Eye™ devices form a dense network of scouting devices communicating with each other, getting data out of the glasshouse without the need for a whole glasshouse internet coverage
  • Pictures taken at a grower-defined interval are sent to a cloud where an AI system identifies and counts insects
  • For optimum results, use Trap-Eye™ devices with Trap-ID™ - our unique yellow sticky traps
  • By installing 40 Trap-Eye™ devices per hectare, network delivers 
    • good sample size of pest and beneficial insect situation in the greenhouse
    • full overview of the greenhouse, ensuring no hotspots are missed

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