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Efficient control, even at low temperatures and pest densities, with parasitic wasp Dacnusa sibirica. 

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Dacnusa-System - reliable leafminer control with parasitic wasps

Homes in on young leaf miner larvae

  • Breaking the pest lifecycle early, the adult female parasitic wasp is highly effective at controlling young leafminer larvae
  • Performs well even at low pest densities - Dacnusa has excellent prey searching capacity Highly efficient - female Dacnusa adults search out healthy (non-parasitised) leafminer larvae for egg laying
  • Consistently delivers good control, even in cooler conditions - can be introduced from early spring onwards

Destroying leafminer with Dacnusa-System

  • Adult females lay an egg in the leafminer larva and the developing Dacnusa larva feeds on the pest
  • Another generation of parasitisc wasps emerge and fly off in search of more pest larvae to control.

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