Biobest grabs growers’ and exporters’ attention at Growtech

Biobest Antalya proved a major draw for growers and exporters at the Growtech Show in Antalya city, Turkey, earlier this month; with visitors from the region recognizing the strong advantage of the company’s local production facility for bumblebees and beneficials.
Held at the Antalya Expo Center, this four-day show attracted over 81,000 registered visitors from more than 80 countries. Biobest Antalya joined over 1.000 exhibitors at Growtech - welcoming growers, exporters, international technical advisors, public sector employees, academics and students for across Eurasia to its stand.  

“While we’ve had a presence at the event for several years, this is the second time we have had our own dedicated stand,” says Biobest’s Çağlar Çiftçi. “The Antalya province is the agricultural centre of Turkey – its influence extends to neighbouring countries.”  

The Biobest Antalya stand showcased its growing product portfolio for growers in Turkey, Central Asia and the Middle East.  
"In particular we are seeing increasing interest from growers of high value crops. In the geographic area we cover, we are seeing a lot of investment in this sector for example in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia and Iran,” says Çağlar Çiftçi.

“Our natural pollination and pest management solutions are having a direct influence on the sustainable production of a range of horticultural crops across Eurasia.  At this year’s Growtech we registered high level of interests in our local production of beneficial insects.”

The Biobest Antalya team has provided pollination solutions for Turkish horticultural crops for over 18 years. Today almost every tomato grower uses bumblebees, which are now also starting to be used to boost the pollination of outdoor crops.

“Our pest management solutions are helping growers embrace IPM and satisfy the growing demand from consumers to reduce chemical inputs and improve the health and safety of the crop,” explains Çağlar Çiftçi.

“To-date, Turkish horticultural food exports remains focused on a limited number of countries – making the trade fragile. Biobest aims to lead the way in helping Turkish growers strengthen and widen their export opportunities by introducing and implementing safe pest management strategies in protected horticulture to meet the demands of potential importers.”

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