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Global player, Biobest continues broadening its horizons

Today you can buy our products in more than 70 countries on 6 continents. All over the world, they are introduced for pollination and biological control in greenhouses and orchards. With about eight strategical production locations and a fast and strong logistic network, we offer you our organisms on time and under the best circumstances. A tremendous effort if you keep in mind those have a short expiry date and that we maximise the use of local species to maintain biodiversity.

In local fields our advisors are ready to assist you as a grower. Depending on the country, we collaborate with distributors (green) or we have our own collaborators in one of our several subsidiaries (purple).

Although Biobest is already present in sixteen countries, we continue to broaden our horizons. All over the world, the demand for sustainable and natural solutions is rising as well as the consciousness of consumers that healthy and residue-free products are inevitable.

In different parts of the world, we introduced local bumblebee species as the first company ever. Our bumblebees represent a major breakthrough in modern horticulture.

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