Biobest starts with the export of bumblebees to China

Biobest, worldwide pioneer in production and sales of bumblebees for biological pollination, is pleased to
announce the signature of a protocol between Chinese and Belgian authorities for the export of bumblebees to

Bumblebees are a “high-tech” agricultural export product, crucial to pollinate all kinds of commercial crops and
able to increase yield with plus 30%. The company with more then 25 years of experience is well-known all over
the world as a pioneer in biological solutions for sustainable crop management.
Biobest is convinced of the huge market potential for bumblebees in the Chinese market, thanks to the increasing
awareness of the Chinese consumers about food safety and the efforts from the Chinese government in promoting
agriculture and more specifically protected horticulture.

Jean-Marc Vandoorne (CEO Biobest Group) states: “This protocol has been reached thanks to the close
collaboration between FAVV (Belgium) and AQSIQ (China) in combination with the effort of our own people and
the top-quality products of Biobest.
Bumblebees have many advantages over other methods of pollination and as such we have no doubt that
Chinese growers will find their way very quickly in using our bumblebee hives. As we see in other markets
throughout the world, growers quickly adapt to a more sustainable method of production, after bumblebees have
entered their greenhouses. The next step to biological control lies within the use of various mites and beneficial
insects to tackle diverse pests. We are looking forward to take our first steps in the Chinese market”.
Biobest, with headquarters in Westerlo-Belgium, is a worldwide leader in biological pollination and biological
control. It was established in 1987 and has since then expanded worldwide with facilities in Morocco, Spain,
France, Turkey, Argentina, Mexico, Canada and the USA.

For more information, please contact bert.synaeve@biobest.be
Tel: +3214257980 - +32497101825 - www.biobest.be

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