High-tech solutions

Facilitating data-driven pest management, new high-tech solutions are helping growers deliver high quality pest-free produce - while improving the efficiency and sustainability of horticultural and agricultural businesses.

Challenges to overcome

Labour is becoming increasingly expensive, scarce, and transient.  The industry needs new high-tech solutions to help facilitate activities such as fast and accurate crop scouting and monitoring.

There is a need for ‘big data’ – progressively more accurate, digitised data to make informed crop production decisions. This data needs to be organised and displayed in a way that growers can make timely, well-informed decisions.

Benefits of high-tech solutions

While helping to save labour, by streamlining manual scouting and monitoring activities, new high-tech solutions reduce the challenge of recruiting/training crop scouts.

Automated real-time pest monitoring enables early detection, helping facilitate timely intervention. Improving the success of IPM programmes, this is helping minimise reliance on chemical pesticides.

Providing a real time overview of an individual greenhouse, growers and their advisers can visualise pest pressure and beneficial population build-up from a smart phone or tablet. By generating a structured view of scouting data, IPM advice can be personalised to individual greenhouses, remotely if necessary. 

When to use

There is a need for new high-tech solutions year-round - throughout the crop cycle. However, these solutions are most important at the beginning of the crop, generally in spring, when pests first appear.

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