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Pioneer, we invented the ‘buzziness’

Passionate about insects from an early age, in 1987 Roland De Jonghe − a veterinary form Westerlo − pioneered the magical idea of using bumblebees to pollinate tomatoes in his own greenhouse. It proved a huge success and Roland didn’t hesitate to start producing bumblebees on a commercial basis. That is where the Biobest story begins.

Thanks to bumblebee pollination, tomato growers have seen massive improvements in their crop yields and quality. Another advantage has been the labour savings. While a revolution for tomato crops, bumblebees for pollination were soon introduced in several other crops. Thanks to this massive technological breakthrough and the pioneering mentality of Roland and his team, Biobest soon became an international company.

As bumblebees proved to be a valuable workforce, growers have become increasingly careful about the use of chemical insecticides. This has created a massive breakthrough in the world of biological control as growers constantly look for biological alternatives to guarantee a healthy working environment for their bumblebee population. In this field Biobest is also commended for several groundbreaking innovations. That is why we can proudly say, “we invented the buzziness”. Thirty years after the company was founded, around one thousand Biobest experts are working, together with many passionate growers, to build sustainable agriculture solutions.

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