www.biobestgroup.com opens its virtual doors

Many growers have come to appreciate biobest.be as a reliable and complete source of information regarding pollination and biological control. Paco Lozano, head of the Biobest Knowledge and Training Center, explains what Biobest had in mind with the introduction of biobestgroup.com.

“Biobest has grown into a global player” says Paco, “and www.biobestgroup.com is a way to clearly express our worldwide presence. But, more importantly, it is a great tool to help us provide an even better online support all over the world.”

Visitors to the new website are first requested to indicate their country of origin and their preferred language. They are also invited to register and to inform us of their choice of crops. Paco Lozano: “With this information, we can provide a much better service. We are able to immediately connect the visitor with a Biobest advisor in his area. Every registered grower can also ask direct questions via the new website, a great tool to exchange information in a quick and efficient way.”

Paco continues: “Not every product can be sold in every country. For example: legislation on biodiversity may restrict the use of certain biocontrol agents to those countries in which they are naturally present. The functionalities of our new website, allow us to show the registered user a product selection adapted to what is acceptable in his or her country. Furthermore, we can show registered users news that relates to their crops of interest.  Here’s my advice: stay up-to-date and register today on www.biobestgroup.com”.

For any remarks regarding our website, please contact us via www.biobestgroup.com.

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