www.biobestgroup.com now also in Chinese

To provide the best possible service to our Chinese distributors and growers, the Biobest website is now also available in Chinese. Launched at the end of 2015, it has already attracted a substantial number of visitors.

Our website www.biobestgroup.com was already available in Dutch, English, French and Spanish and now, by selecting "zh" from the drop-down menu, there is a Chinese version.

Since Biobest gained a firm foothold in China at the end of 2014, with the opening of a brand new bumblebee factory in Shouguang, activities have rapidly progressed in the immense Chinese market. Biological pollination with bumblebees, our core business in China, is really catching on with local fruit and vegetable growers.

"The Chinese website was developed first and foremost at the request of our distributors with whom we collaborate in China," says Mark Dong, Area Sales Manager at Biobest China. "They need the online product information in order to properly promote the products and provide their customers with the best support possible. Our distributors have been quick to consult the new website."

Chinese growers have also welcomed the website as a source of useful information. "These growers are particularly looking for technical information regarding biological pollination," continues Mark. "The Chinese version provides plenty of clear and practical information to help them."

"Our product information on biological crop protection or IPM is currently only available in English on our website. However, we plan to make this information available in Chinese as soon as new products are allowed on the Chinese market."

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