Welcoming Turkish agricultural lecturers to Belgium

28/09/2018 - Biobest was delighted to welcome a delegation of 15 lecturers from three of Turkey’s leading vocational agricultural high schools to join us in Belgium for five days.

The educational trip began at our headquarters in Westerlo. Members of our technical team gave the group an overview of Biobest’s activities in IPM and crop pollination as well as insight into how IPM is employed by growers in a range of crops.

The following two days the group visited Auction Hoogstraten - the fruit auction house renowned for strawberries, and the impressive new World Horti Center in the Netherlands. Completed in August 2017 at Honselersdijk, this ground breaking new facility has become the leading innovation centre for the international greenhouse sector.

Then, to give our guests an opportunity to see IPM and crop pollination in action, we orchestrated visits to two high-tech growers of peppers and tomatoes.

After a busy few days, the trip was rounded off with cultural visits designed to give the lecturers a flavour of the Belgium culture.

The Turkish project coordinator Ülkü Günhan said the group had thoroughly enjoyed the trip, felt they had learnt a lot and were looking forward to sharing this with their students back at home. He said the lecturers were particularly struck by the level of technical expertise and had especially enjoyed seeing the IPM in action in commercial crops.

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