Watch out for our new improved beneficials packaging this autumn

13/08/2019 - As Biobest continues to grow, we are constantly looking for ways to further improve the reliability, responsiveness and quality of our products. In mid-September we will be rolling out phase 1 of our new improved standardise packaging for beneficials.

Our new standardised series of bottles will feature four sizes – 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1L – and will enable us to automate certain production processes. The packaging of 30ml will remain the same. Increasing responsiveness and production speed, growers will benefit from a faster supply – i.e. even better product quality and freshness. All Biobest brand products will have uniform green caps.

Improved functionality of the lids
In the same time, we are introducing three lid designs to improve functionality; a standard mesh, a fine mesh with punctures for mites and a snap cap with dosing system for our Phytoseiulus-System products.

Better labelling
On top, we are making several improvements to labels: a line drawing to distinguish each product category - e.g. mites, parasitic wasps, gall midges - plus a picture of the actual beneficial. Meanwhile, the former lid colour (old style packaging) will be represented with coloured dots - visible from all sides. 

New QR-Codes will link you to product, country and language specific information on usage as well as dose rates and effectiveness against which pests. This link will also take you to product pages and technical sheets on the Biobest Group website.

Help to switch
To help you make the switch, watch out this autumn for our tutorial video and poster. The first shipment of products in our new packaging material will also include helpful information on how to use/read the new label.

Remaining packaging formats − such as sachets, cards, buckets and paper bags − will be updated in phase two of the project.

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