Tuta absoluta: 1 year later.

Biobest has reacted promptly developing a control strategy, which has been implemented satisfactorily for the last two seasons in Southern Europe and in Morocco.
Our experience and advice are becoming of great importance to growers.

Our strategy is mainly based on:

  • Crop and technical measures: seal greenhouses with appropriate insect screen, remove affected plant parts, adequate hygiene in greenhouses, ...
  • Monitoring with pheromone traps: Attract delta-traps and Tutasan water-traps
  • Introducing beneficial organisms such as the predatory mites Macrolophus-System (Macrolophus caliginosus) or Nesidiocoris-System (Nesidiocoris tenuis). Hastening the population development of these predatory mites by releasing them earlier, increasing their introduction rate and feeding them with Nutrimac.
  • Corrective use of selective pesticides that are compatible with beneficial organisms.

Our R&D-department is devoting much time testing new natural enemies for the control of this leafminer.

More info on Tuta absoluta, its life cycle, damage and recommended control strategy, can be found on our website www.biobest.be or contact your advisor.

Biobest also has a beautiful, convenient poster with all info on Tuta available. Biobest customers can obtain this poster at no charge.


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