Turkish growers go IPM!

Since September 2011 Turkish growers are releasing Biobest natural enemies in their greenhouses. Antilsan, the distributor of Biobest in Turkey, was already active with the sales of bumblebee hives for many years. Now Antilsan and Biobest decided together the time has come to take the next step towards Integrated Pest Management.
The area on which insects will be released is deliberately kept under a certain surface to ensure the necessary technical follow-up which is very much needed to reach a satisfactory result at the end of the season. Growers are learning to work with our products and are followed up closely. At the same time Antilsan and Biobest technicians are learning to deal with the local climatical conditions and pest pressures.

Biobest and Antilsan look forward to a bright future for IPM in Turkey. To anticipate the further growth in the years to come Antilsan will search for more technicians in the beginning of 2012.

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