Training session East European Distributors

Central-East and South European Distributors (CESED Area) from Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Cyprus.


On regular bases, Biobest organizes training sessions for its distributors.
Beginning December, a session was held for all Eastern European countries in SKecskemét, Hungary
Biobest is the leader producer and marketing company for bumble bee pollination as well as biological control in South-East Europe. Most of the countries are already familiar with Biobest products and a structured dealer network is operative in all these countries.

To strengthen our position and further increase sales in the area, we organized this two days training session with the presence of our distributors and their technical staff.
Two members of our International Technical team, Paco Lozano and Pascal Briand were doing the training for new and experienced distributors where the whole range of products was covered. A company profile presentation was given by Marc Mertens, Sales Director.

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