The solution against Botrytis in strawberry and raspberry Verdera B4

The very first practical application of Biobest’s Flying Doctors® technology and world scoop for Belgian strawberry and raspberry growers is one against Botrytis. For this purpose, the company has entered into cooperation with the Lallemand Group that links Verdera B4, a reformulation of an existing Botrytis fungicide, with the Flying Doctors® dispensing system.

The adapted product in this case ensures that the active substance remains stuck to the body of bumblebees so that they can deposit it in the right concentration on the flowers. In this way, the flowers are preventively protected against a Botrytis attack and thus avoid fruit rot.

The patented system of Flying Doctors® was subjected to lengthy and extensive tests under various conditions, both in the Biobest Green Lab, pilot gardens and commercial growing conditions.

This innovative system of distributing a Botrytis product with the help of bumblebees comes with clear instructions for use, which makes the whole system very user-friendly and accurate. There is no better, more efficient way to prevent such fungal diseases in flowers.


Results showed that the effect is the same as with a traditional Botrytis treatment, but this system ensures a strong residue reduction of the active substances in the plant and fruit. Using this application, strawberry growers can make significant savings on labor for treatment of Botrytis. Since bumblebees are always naturally used for pollination in strawberry cultivation, it is in this case a double benefit.

For the time being, Verdera B4 is only recognized and available in Belgium, but other countries will soon follow.

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