Stress no more, BLUESTIM® is now available in Canada!

24/08/2020 - Biobest is proud to announce that BLUESTIM® has been approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to use in Canada.

Indoor and outdoor food, ornamental, turf and cannabis producers can rest a little easier. If stressful conditions challenge their crops, BLUESTIM® has their back.

BLUESTIM® contains the highest concentration of natural derived glycine betaine (>97%) in the market. Due to its natural source, BLUESTIM® is OMRI listed and can be used in organic agriculture. Glycine betaine helps plants to cope with unfavorable conditions caused by temperature, water and salinity stress. Glycine betaine also helps mobilize calcium, reducing Ca++ deficiencies and physiological problems like blossom end rot (BER), tip burn and edge burn that are very common in fruit, leafy vegetables, cannabis, and some ornamental crops like poinsettias.

“In a nutshell, when plants are exposed to stressful conditions, BLUESTIM® helps their cells maintain a healthy balance of nutrients and water so they can continue to function normally.”, says Veronica Cervantes, Product Manager for North America.

“A few years ago, Biobest partnered with Lallemand Plant Care to bring BLUESTIM® to key markets,” says Cindy Callens, Global Product Manager at Biobest Group. “Tomatoes, berries, cannabis, golf courses and sports field had been among the most prominent users of BLUESTIM® in Europe and USA, where the product has been available for several years.”

“One of the highlights of BLUESTIM® is that its active ingredient has been extensively studied and a vast number of journal papers had been published about its activity. Independent research as well as Biobest’s conducted trials support the benefits that BLUESTIM® can bring to your crop”, says Henry Murillo, Technical and R&D Manager at Biobest North America.

Biobest is delighted to have BLUESTIM® available to Canadian growers for a more relaxed growing season.

BLUESTIM® keeps the stress away!

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