Strawberry/raspberry/blueberry: enhance pollination with bumblebees

Honeybees don’t like cold and cloudy conditions. For early blooming strawberry, raspberry and blueberry crops pollination can be erratic and even outright problematic.

“It’s better to be safe than sorry”, says Julien Mourrut-Salesse. “Bumblebees are efficient and reliable, whatever the weather conditions are. Relying on natural pollinators or honeybees only is risky.”

We offer specific hive boxes for outdoor pollination such as the Multi Hive™, a polystyrene hive box developed by Biobest. It protects bumblebees from cold and rain, and is thus ideal for outdoor. For cold production in tunnels we can still use the cardboard box hives (Premium or Standard) if minimum temperature doesn’t go below 8°C. Even when it’s cold outside, the temperature inside the hive is ideal for the bumblebees.”

In nectar-rich crops like raspberry and blueberry, we recommend to close the access to the Biogluc™ (sugar) bottle inside the hive when temperatures are above an average of 14°C. This will also contribute to the growth of the flight activity of the hive.”

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