Strategic partnership ensures Biobest growth in Israel

BIOBEST acquired an important minority share of the Israeli based company POLLINATION SERVICES YAD MORDECHAI with the option to acquire the majority in the near future. Pollination Services is an important producer of bumblebees and biological control agents in the Israeli market.

“This partnership with POLLINATION SERVICES YAD MORDECHAI is an important step for BIOBEST to ensure a local presence in Israel”, says BIOBEST CEO Jean-Marc Vandoorne. “Israel is well-known for its high quality horticulture production with an IPM market that is growing rapidly. Due to local import restrictions for bumblebees and BCA’s, BIOBEST was never able to enter this market before. With this partnership we will position BIOBEST for growth and penetration of the Israelian market. It also ensures that local growers will receive access to the highly regarded BIOBEST quality products in the future”, he added.

David Doron, Chairman of the Board of POLLINATION SERVICES YAD MORDECHAI is proud the company will now be part of the BIOBEST Group and adds that this partnership will bring a lot of expertise in production and distribution. The state-of-the-art rearing and production methods and the extending of the biological products portfolio will contribute to the further growth in the Israeli market.

POLLINATION SERVICES YAD MORDECHAI (1995) specializes in mass production and distribution of bumblebee colonies for pollination of agricultural crops and produces several beneficial insects for biological control of pests in greenhouse crops in the Israeli market. The company also has a lot of experience in pollination of orchards and other open field crops. The company employs 45 people in Israel.

BIOBEST is a worldwide authority in pollination and biological pest control for protected crops and open field crops. The company has more than 25 years of experience and together with its partners it is committed to help growers to reach their economic and ecological goals. BIOBEST is a value-driven company in which trustworthiness and nature are important assets.

For further information, please contact:

Jean-Marc Vandoorne


David Doron
Chairman of the Board

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