Scaniavital® Silica: the easiest wound dressing for tomatoes

Do you also have problems with tomato plants getting infected after removing old leaves? Does the wound continue to evaporate ? Scaniavital® Silica, Biobest’s wound dressing product for tomatoes, creates a physical barrier between the wound and the dust and dirt from outside. Scaniavital® Silica is used in many countries e.g. Netherlands, France, Japan, Poland,…

Biobest asked Mr. Stanislav Rozum owner of GP Rozumki Sp. z o.o., a tomato grower in Poland, about his experience with Scaniavital®. “We started to use Scaniavital® 4 years ago. Before this biological solution became available, we used chemicals and an eco-friendly paste. We stopped using these products because Scaniavital® was way more efficient.”
“We always apply it after cutting of leaves or when we notice infection on the stems”, says Mr. Stanislav Rozum, “It is really very easy to apply with its handy squeeze-bottle with an integrated brush. We just have to smear the product on the wound with the brush.”

Mr. Stanislav Rozum from GP Rozumki Sp. z o.o recommends Scaniavital® to other growers: A very efficient product that is easy to use.

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