Rose: invest now in gallicus!

Rose growers who want to avoid unpleasant surprises during the season, need to invest now in building a strong predatory mite population.

Biobest’s Dyna-Mite® G-System, based on the predatory mite Euseius gallicus, is a true generalist. This beneficial controls both thrips and whitefly, two main pests in the cultivation of roses. Moreover, this predatory mite is able to establish a strong population and to maintain it throughout the season – if introduced on time and with additional pollen feeding at regular moments.

“Rose growers who want to avoid extra curative introductions of predatory mites during the season, have good reasons to act now,” says Sam Gui, advisor at Biobest Belgium. “Growers can now order Dyna-Mite® G-System together with Nutrimite™. That is a food supplement for predatory mites, developed by Biobest. This will allow them to build-up a strong predatory mite population even before the pest is present.”

Sam advises his growers to introduce Dyna-Mite® G-System in two steps, with an interval of one week. “Afterwards, additional feeding with Nutrimite™ is recommended on a two-weekly basis. Feeding with Nutrimite™ will ensure rapid establishment and population growth.”

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