Renewed Scaniavital® Silica paste for improved protection

Scaniavital® Silica Paste is improved to give an increased elasticity of the paste when it’s dry. The renewed product secures an intact paste layer even when the plant stem is affected by growth or other physical circumstances. The intact paste layer prevents that new infections of Botrytis can take place in the treated area.
Treat your plants when the affected areas are small and new.

To get the best effect of Scaniavital® Silica it is important that the treatment takes place early when the affected areas are small and new. A good management is to start to check and treat affected areas early in the season and then continue to check every week throughout the whole season. By doing this you will get the best effect and also keep the cost for the treatment down by only using approximately 20 liters per hectare during an “average Botrytis season”.

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