Real IPM Kenya awarded grant to promote Flourish

24/07/2019 - We are delighted to announce that Real IPM Kenya, a member of the Biobest Group, has been awarded a grant through the AgriFI Kenya Challenge Fund.

The AgriFI Kenya Challenge Fund is an EU initiative co-funded with SlovakAid. It supports productive and market-integrated smallholder agriculture. The AgriFI Kenya Challenge Fund contributes to projects improving the capacity of smallholder farmers/pastoralists to practice environmentally sustainable and climate-smart agriculture.

Real IPM Kenya has received the grant in support of its project to promote its newly registered bio-fertilizer "Flourish" to the smallholder sector in Kenya. Containing both Trichoderma asperellum and Bacillus subtili, Flourish has been shown to boost yields by over 30% in a variety of crops.

This exciting project, which has received grant funding of over €200.000, will be implemented by Real IPM's smallholder team over a three year period.

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