Product improvement of the breeding systems

Our QC and R&D teams are continuously looking to improve existing products. Putting our ears to the ground in the market place, the Biobest team continues to focus on perfection.
Sometimes these small changes result in enormous quality improvement.
From March, 2011, the SBS (Swirskii-Breeding-System) and the CBS (Californicus-Breeding-System), come with a new and improved hook to attach the sachet to the plants.

The hawk-nosed cardboard hook is now designed to have a pointless end. This enables the grower to hang the sachets more easily and has tested to be much stronger. Grower’s comments are very positive; this new innovation enables them to hang the sachets even more quickly.
With the development of a new cutting mould, Biobest has also succeeded in producing larger and more uniform hooks.

As for the quality of the content – this remains how it was, Biobest!

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