PMV®-01: First vaccine against PepMV authorized in North-America

14/03/2019 - Biobest and DCM (De Ceuster Meststoffen NV) are happy to announce that PMV®-01 is now available in Canada and the USA. PMV®-01 is the first plant vaccine against Pepino Mosaic Virus (PepMV) in tomato authorized by EPA and PMRA. The product is registered in name of DCM and marketed by Biobest.

The first crops in British Columbia and Alberta (Canada) have already been vaccinated this winter. Growers in Ontario still have to wait for the final approval by the local authorities. In the USA, DCM has started the application process to receive state permits based on the federal EPA registration and growers should be able to vaccinate later this year.

Vaccination with PMV®-01 protects tomato plants against damage caused by aggressive PepMV isolates. The principle of plant vaccination with PMV®-01 can be compared to human flu vaccination. PMV®-01 contains a mild PepMV isolate that is applied preventatively on healthy young plants at the start of the season. Thanks to cross-protection, the plant immune system can detect and attack other (aggressive) PepMV isolates before they can fully develop. PMV®-01 is applied within a vaccination strategy adapted to the local circumstances and supported by rigorous molecular testing before and after application. The PMV®-01 vaccination strategy has been implemented in Europe and Morocco for several years and the efficacy has been proven on multiple tomato varieties, under diverse climate conditions and different types of greenhouses.

The registration of PMV®-01 is good news for the North-American tomato growers. Veronica Cervantes, Product Manager at Biobest Canada/USA, explains: ”Canadian and American tomato growers have been waiting for years for a solution to prevent PepMV damage. Growers have closely followed the use of PMV®-01 in Europe and have seen the results. We truly appreciate the support we received from growers, propagators and grower organizations throughout the registration of PMV®-01. I am thrilled Biobest can now offer this innovative solution to the tomato growers.”

Thijs De Langhe, Business Development Manager at DCM: ”Following the successful collaboration between DCM and Biobest in several European countries, we decided to join forces again in North-America. DCM manufactures PMV®-01 and is the registration holder in North-America. At DCM we are committed to offer high quality products and our strict QC process assures that PMV®-01 consistently meets the highest standards. Together with Biobest we will help growers implement the vaccination strategy at their facilities.”

Biobest, headquartered in Belgium, is a leading player in pollination and biological control that first introduced commercially reared bumblebees to the market 31 years ago. The company has a distribution network that reaches growers in almost 70 countries on six continents. Through its subsidiaries, the company has production sites, sales and technical support staff strategically located across the globe for effective worldwide service. Biobest distributors in many countries are key partners with whom the company works very closely to help customers achieve their economic and ecological goals.

De Ceuster Meststoffen NV (DCM) is part of the Belgian family-owned company Group De Ceuster and has over 40 years of experience in developing, producing and marketing organic and ecological fertilisers. Over the years, this product range has been extended with the best potting soils, soil improvers, covering materials, grass seeds, technical materials and biorational products. DCM is strongly committed to research, with its own Research & Development team working together with various partners from the academic world and research institutes. This makes DCM a pioneer in creating innovative solutions for consumers and professional end users. Thanks to its own subsidiaries in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Austria, but also through partnerships with distributors in many other countries, DCM’s quality is appreciated worldwide by professionals and garden enthusiasts.

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