Palma-Life: Health insurance for your palm trees

Growing threat

In large parts of the world, either or both the Red Palm Weevil Rhynchophorus ferrugineus and the Palm Borer moth Paysandisia archon are wreaking havoc on palm trees. In the past decades, both pests have made their way to Southern Europe, where they are posing a serious threat to the ornamental palm trees in France, Spain and Italy.

The classic answer to the presence of the Red Palm Weevil and/or the Palm Borer is a shock treatment with neonicotinoids. But in recent years, the use of these chemical agents has been strictly regulated in most countries. Palma-Life allows institutional gardeners and growers to prevent and combat these pests with a biological weapon.


Small but efficient!

Palma-Life consists of a gel formulation which contains the parasitic nematode Steinernema carpocapsae. This gel is mixed with water to form a suspension which can be sprayed on the plants. The nematodes search, infect and destroy any pests within reach.

Palma-Life can be used as a preventive and a curative treatment. Biobest strongly recommends a preventive approach, especially on valuable palms and/or in places where the pests have been observed. In curative treatment, the nematodes can be used in combination with some chemical agents.

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