Overcoming challenges for Chinese growers

Towards the end of last year Biobest held an innovative IPM and pollination seminar in China organised by Biobest’s Chinese distributor Jahe Yaso Eco-Technology, who are based in Beijing, but sell bumblebee hives via their internet site to many regions. Attended by more than 60 growers, distributors and local government officials, the event was held at the Beijing offices and greenhouses of Golden Winds. A progressive Chinese technology company, Golden Winds manufactures wind turbines and is starting to expand into the agricultural arena.  
The seminar attracted growers of a diverse range of crops including melons, peaches, pears and almonds. Setting the scene, Biobest IPM and pollination specialist Neal Ward outlined the general principles and practices of IPM before handing over to his colleague Pascal Briand for an in-depth view on pollination - including a practical demonstration showing how to set up a hive.  

In the afternoon – together with Mark Dong, Biobest area sales manager for China – the Biobest team facilitated an interactive workshop for attendees to practice setting up dummy hives.

Completing the session, three Chinese growers spoke about their own experiences using bumblebees in a range of crops.  A leading melon grower, with a production area of 666ha, explained how he was successfully using bumblebees to overcome challenges regarding bitterness and general poor taste as a result of using hormones to pollinate crops.

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