Organizational changes at Biobest Canada and Biobest USA

Leamington, Canada & Westerlo, Belgium – April 30th, 2014  

After having worked for Biobest Canada/USA for 14 years in the capacity of Managing Director and since 2013 as Commercial Director, North, Central & South America Richard Ward will leave the Company.

Richard Ward: “This has been a challenging yet rewarding period. However, I am now looking for a new challenge and Biobest and I have jointly decided that this is a good time to conclude our collaboration.  Biobest has many new and innovative products in the pipeline and my successors will have lots with which to continue growing the business.  This is a good time for me to move on, take a little bit of time off to wind down and during that time, look for a new professional challenge, building on the skills that made me successful at Biobest. Changing now will give me the time to possibly still leave my mark on another ambitious professional project.”

Jean Marc Vandoorne, CEO of the Biobest group says: “Biobest is grateful for Richard’s dedication and commitment. We sincerely wish him all the best in his future career. Richard has been instrumental in developing the production hubs in Canada, USA and Mexico, in building an effective, successful and dedicated distributor network in Canada and in several countries in Latin-America. He has also developed a substantial direct market presence in the USA. Biobest’s activities in the Americas have consistently delivered excellent growth. All this has been achieved thanks to the strong Biobest team that Richard brought together.

Over the next couple of months, Richard and his successors will work together diligently in transferring his duties.

The organization for North America will be structured as follows:  Bernie Mantay who joined Biobest Canada as Plant Manager will take on responsibility as General Manager Biobest Canada & USA. He will thus also take responsibility for the commercial side of its operations.

In order to fulfill the tasks that were under Richard’s commercial responsibility in North America, Bernie will work directly with Dominique Demers as Commercial Manager and with Ronald Valentin as Technical Coordinator. They will jointly guide the efforts of the technical & commercial sales teams.

As to Richard’s commercial role in Latin America, Herman Van Mellaert, Director Business Development, will take responsibility for further developing these markets.

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