Order of the Rising Sun awarded to Mr. Kunio Aoki

Mr. Kunio Aoki, Chairman of Tokai Trading Ltd-Biobest distributor in Japan, has been awarded the prestigious decoration of the Order of the Rising Sun by the Japanese government. This award is one of the highest awards a Japanese citizen can achieve. It is Japan’s oldest award and was established in 1875.

The decoration of the Order of the Rising Sun is conferred to people who distinguished themselves in one of the following fields: international relations, promotion of Japanese culture, achievements in their field, development in welfare or preservation of the environment. Mr. Kunio Aoki received the award in view of his outstanding contributions to the Japanese agricultural industry during more than two decades.

Biobest wants to congratulate Mr. Aoki with this exceptional achievement. The company is proud to have been able to contribute to his constant efforts to promote environment friendly agricultural products in Japan. Biobest bumblebee hives are part of his product line since 23 years ago. Biobest is grateful for the long and successful cooperation with Tokai Trading Ltd and looks forward to further support for Tokai Trading Ltd in their effort to promote the use of ecologically friendly products on the Japanese market.

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