NutrimiteTM demonstration for Dutch ornamental growers

On September 26th, 2013 Arend-Sosef and Proeftuin Zwaagdijk organized their traditional annual Seminar on Plant Protection in Ornamental Crops. This is a select opportunity for Dutch ornamental growers to visit a number of state of the art crop protection trials. An ideal occasion for Biobest to present and demonstrate its strategy to boost predatory mites with its new predatory mite food supplement Nutrimite!

75 ornamental growers showed up for this event. A full house. NutrimiteTM was enthusiastically presented by Sam Gui, Sustainable Crop Management Specialist of Biobest. After the presentation, the growers were invited to follow a guided tour along demo trials in the greenhouses under the guidance of Juliette Pijnakker. Trials on ficus, Calathea, Spathiphyllum and potted chrysanthemum were shown. Growers were impressed by the strong increase in Amblyseius swirskii populations obtained with NutrimiteTM.

Furthermore, they were offered a preview of tests with two experimental predatory mites in combination with NutrimiteTM. It was too early for full details and results, but ornamental growers in the Netherlands definitely showed a strong interest. They can count on Arend-Sosef and Biobest for more exciting news in the near future.

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