Nutrimite™ in potted plants: One solution for a wide and diverse range of crops

Retailers are demanding always stricter limits for chemical residues in potted plants. Consider this together with the fact that chemicals really don’t do any good to plants and it is crystal clear that Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is also the way to go in potted plants. Specific details about the optimal biocontrol strategy may yet have to be determined for different crops and cultivars. However, one conclusion stands out: Nutrimite™ brings biological control to another level in potted plants.

Diversity of crops, diversity of pests

Growers of potted plants have to keep off several pests to protect their crops. The main ones are thrips, whiteflies and, to a lesser extent, spi¬der mites. “Before the introduction of Nutrimite™, growers had to take into account a lot of crop-specific considerations as to which predatory mites could be introduced and settle themselves on the different crops”, says Bart Sosef, general manager of Biobest Nederland. “But in green-houses with many different plant species, this is a very time-consuming procedure.”

A common approach

With the introduction of Nutrimite™, potted plant growers noticed that both the predatory mites A. swirskii and Euseius gallicus were thriving on their crops, when given additional food during periods with low pest pressure.

“Potted plants don’t produce large amounts of pollen”, explains Bart Sosef, “so providing them with Nutrimite™ makes all the difference. Thanks to Nutrimite™, applied once every two or three weeks, the predatory mite army remains at fighting strength, always prepared to eliminate pest insects when they arrive on the crop. Nutrimite™ significantly extends the IPM toolkit for potted plants. The result is a more effective and cost."

For more information, please contact lise.verachtert@biobest.be.

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