New in the Biobest portfolio Prestop® and Greenstim®


This biofungicide is a biofungicide developed by Lallemand Plant Care and distributed by Biobest in certain territories has excellent potential in ornamentals. It provides control of Botrytis blight or grey mold, a very common disease in ornamentals. The disease usually attacks the soft or weakened tissues of the plant, like flower petals, buds, seedlings, pruning cuts and senescing plant parts. Attacks are particularly likely under cold and wet conditions.

Prestop contains the beneficial fungus Gliocladium catenulatum. This fungus competes with Botrytis for space and inhibits its development. Successful applications in ornamentals include for example, preventative treatment of Geranium and Fuchsia.

New in Biobest’s portfolio is also Greenstim®. Also produced by Lallemand Plant Care, this plant extract stimulates plant performance under a broad range of stress conditions like heat, cold, salinity and drought. The plant’s osmotic balance in the cell will be improved, resulting in a better water economy. In efficacy trials in France, superior productivity of potted ornamentals was observedwith limited watering. In Belgium and Finland, trials in roses showed improved vase life. In tulips, a reduction of leaf yellowing  was obtained.

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