New Bug-Scan® sticky traps save growers valuable time

6/08/2018 - The use of sticky traps for monitoring harmful insects is well-established in the professional horticulture sector. When installed early enough, growers benefit from a rapid-warning system, allowing them to take action before the harmful insects can set up camp in their crops.

Hanging the sticky traps using strips or strings is labour-intensive. After talking with customers, Biobest has incorporated a quick and easy hanging system into its Bug-Scan® sticky traps. Now, the Bug-Scan® sticky traps can be hung up using strips, or directly suspended on the crop wire, saving the grower valuable time.

The new Bug-Scan® sticky traps with the integrated hanging system are available in different formats and colours. Each colour monitors a specific pest. Your Biobest Adviser is happy to help you select the one that best suits your needs.



  • Bug-Scan® Yellow (25 x 40 cm) (20 traps/pack)

  • Bug-Scan® Blue (25 x 40 cm) (20 traps/pack)

  • Bug-Scan® Yellow (25 x 10 cm) (10 traps/pack)

  • Bug-Scan® Blue (25 x 10 cm) (10 traps/pack)

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