New: Biobest Argentina!

Argentina is one of the most important horticultural countries in South America, with a strong drive towards a more ecological approach. This is one of the reasons Biobest has decided to partner with Brometan, a leading Argentinean supplier of agricultural pest control products. From our Argentinean office, we will also offer support and commercial activities in Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru and Uruguay.


Biobest has a very strong belief in the growth of the Argentinean and South-American markets and the gradual turn to ecological and integrated crop management. We believe that we can support this evolution with our products and broad technical know-how. We also want to play an important role in spreading bumblebee pollination to increase grower’s yields.


We are proud to work together with our long-time partner Brometan. Under its new management, Brometan is leading the way in Argentina by introducing innovative and environmentally friendly agricultural products and techniques. This joint venture is a prime example of co-operation that results in a ‘win-win’ situation. Brometan brings its strong knowledge of the local market and South-American crop management schemes; Biobest brings technical knowledge and high quality products.

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