Never say just 'Nesi' to the new Biobest Nesi!

Biobest is launching a new, improved strain of Nesidiocoris-system. The Biobest-improved version outcompetes all other commercial Nesi in crop establishment, predatory behavior and reproduction speed.

Ultimate predator

Nesidiocoris tenuis is an increasingly important predator in Mediterranean tomato production. The predatory bug is the cornerstone of biocontrol programs as it is very effective in controlling both whitefly and the tomato leafminer Tuta absoluta. Recently, Biobest’ R&D department released into production a new and highly improved strain of Nesidiocoris that it is rapidly rolling out.

Dr. Felix Wäckers, Biobest R&D Director explains: Our scientists have selected a Nesi strains for optimal performance under the circumstances that are found in commercial tomato crops. We selected an voracious strain that shows high predation activity and prolific reproduction rates. These bugs are the ultimate predator for whitefly and tomato leafminer.”


Biobest did not just select a better strain of Nesidiocoris, the Belgium Company also made strong improvements in the breeding process. This leads to better quality bugs that are ready to begin searching en devouring right from the start.
Dr. Felix Wäckers: “The Biobest Process Development Department puts a lot of research in the conception of a completely new, cutting-edge rearing procedure. The new procedure makes far better quality Nesi when delivered: an optimal mix of bugs in different development stadia, higher activity levels and healthy reproduction behavior.”

Fact, not ficton

With the new Nesidiocoris-system, growers are seeing faster establishment of the bugs, earlier predation and faster reproduction, increasing their reaction time in case of whitefly or Tuta infestation. There is less pest damage and growers enjoy better yields.

This is a true improvement, reported by Biobest Technical advisor Julien Mourrut: “The current quality of Nesidiocoris used in Moroccan greenhouses is really outstanding. I’m really impressed by the establishment and hatching I see. Last year, I did a similar trial with competitor’s product at the same date, but this year we have 3 times better hatching on the plant than with the competing product. From 0.75 Nesi/plant released with only 1 Nutrimac supply, 3 weeks later, we have 12 Nesi/plant!”

Growers can now reap the fruit of these innovations - yet another example of how Biobest is living up to its name, providing the best quality bio control on the market.

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