Natural biological solutions for hobby gardeners from Naturapy®

Do you garden yourself and, if so, are you looking for biological solutions to control pests and for optimal pollination and fruit setting? While the use of bumblebees and beneficials is well established by professional growers, until now it has not been so easy for hobby gardeners to harness nature itself as therapy. The good news is that DCM and Biobest have joined forces to make these products more easily accessible for the hobby gardener through the new DCM range Naturapy® – available from local garden centres.

“Biobest is a worldwide player in bumblebee pollination and beneficials,” says Jean-Marc Vandoorne, CEO of Biobest. “We operate globally delivering living products and advice to professional growers from Torhout to Tokyo. “While we have known that hobby gardeners were very interested in using our bumblebees and beneficials, it is only now that we are able to provide them with a quality solution.  Working closely with DCM from Grobbendonk we have developed a tailor-made solution for the hobby gardener in Belgium and The Netherlands.”

“For 40 years DCM has specialized in developing and producing quality products to provide solutions to challenges faced by growers and gardeners,” says Tom De Ceuster, CEO of DCM. “Our fertilizers with Minigran® technology are used worldwide for the biological cultivation of vegetables and fruit, the sustainable fertilizing of lawns, ornamental plants and trees as well as on farms and in gardens. “As an established supplier to specialist garden centers, DCM is in a strong position to help consumers make the transition from 'fighting' to 'prevention' of pests and diseases. DCM Naturapy® is a complete range of natural solutions developed closely with Biobest. Together we have translated years of professional expertise into understandable and accessible solutions for hobby gardeners.”

So to find out more about the new Naturapy® solutions, visit a specialist garden center now. Orders can be placed at the centre and products collected later with all the practical information you require to succeed.

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