Multi-faceted approach to thrips in strawberries

17/05/2019 - The pressure from thrips is enormously high. Both biological as well as integrated companies are having a difficult time because of it. Biobest advisor Jurgen Bouveroux calls on all growers to do everything in their power to control thrips. But always in close consultation with your own advisor. 

Most growers already use the Amblyseius-System. An excellent basis in Jurgen's opinion. Although he does point out that A. cucumeris only controls the first phases of the life cycle. “Predatory mites only puncture thrips in the first larval stage. However, due to the explosion in recent weeks, many adult pests can also be found in the crops. Unfortunately, cucumeris can’t help you out to control the adults. Additional measures are needed.” 

Repetitive use of Amblyseius-System

Jurgen therefore recommends the use of Bug-Scan® sticky traps combined with Orius-System. Please note: both are complementary products. Cucumeris definitely remains essential and must be repeated. “I advise growers to introduce this predatory mite in their crops weekly. The rule of thumb is 150 to 250 cucumeris mites per metre. In addition, growers also benefit from hanging up sticky traps.” 

Starting with Orius-System

Adult thrips are tasty prey for Orius. These predatory bugs consume all stages of thrips. Jurgen: “Right now, it is important to introduce Orius-System as quickly as possible. The days are getting longer and, with high temperatures on the horizon, the conditions are very favourable for this predatory bug. For the correct dosage, always contact your Biobest advisor. Depending on the situation in your company, he or she can determine the best approach.” 

Combine treatments

“By combining predatory bugs with predatory mites and sticky traps, we can control thrips comprehensively.”

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