More European growers to benefit from Bluestim anti-stress agent

6/06/2018 - Following extended collaboration between Biobest and Lallemand Plant Care, Bluestim® − the powerful anti-stress agent for plants − will be available to growers in France, Germany and Poland from June 1.   

“Developed by Lallemand Plant Care, Bluestim® enhances crop performance under environmentally stressful conditions delivering a raft of benefits to edible and ornamental crops,” explains Biobest’s Sarah van Beneden. “Treated plants continue to function normally overcoming difficulties generated by extreme conditions, such as drought and temperature changes, including frost, as well as raised salinity and water stresses.”  

Bluestim® contains extremely high levels of glycine betaine (96 %+) - a natural extract from sugar beet that helps crops deal with a wide range of stresses. Easy to apply, through a single foliar spray, it accumulates in plant cells ensuring better water and nutrient management - including calcium mobilization. Within 24 hours of application, Bluestim® penetrates through the leaf surface and is distributed throughout the plant helping it cope with stressful conditions for 3-4 weeks.  

“We have several years experience using Bluestim® in the USA; as well as Belgium and the Netherlands - where it was originally launched as Greenstim® but its name will now change to Bluestim®,” explains Sarah.

“In tomato crops, fruits of treated plants show less susceptibility to blossom end rot and cracking and look shinier.  Bluestim® also reduces micro-cracking in raspberries and strawberries and produces firmer fruit with a longer shelf life.”  

Biobest is exploring and developing applications for Bluestim® in ornamentals and is seeing potential in helping plants cope with environmental stresses, such as drought and frost, and maintain quality during transit and on the retailer shelf.

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