Macrolophus-N-System targets spider mite

01/07/2020 - Our Macrolophus-System, containing the highly efficient Macrolophus pygmaeus predatory bug, is well established for controlling whiteflies and Tuta absoluta in tomato crops. However, growers should be aware that Macrolophus can also help provide effective control of spider mites.  

To help optimise control of this widespread glasshouse pest, Biobest developed the Macrolophus-N-System - containing only nymphs. Designed to be released in spider mite hotspot, Macrolophus-N- System supports our Phytoseiulus-System. The wingless Macrolophus nymphs stay where they are released, in the pest hotspots, predating on all stages of spider mite - eggs, nymphs and adults. For best results, Biobest advocates releasing Macrolophus-N-System onto spider mite infested plants, as well as adjacent plants - to prevent the pest spreading out. 

Macrolophus-N-System is recommended for use in tomatoes, eggplants and peppers. It is available in units of 500 nymphs, delivered in a 250 ml bottle containing a vermiculite carrier. 

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